INSIDE/OUTSIDE” is a publication with photography and text by Diogo Martins made in the context of the project “Philosophy of Landscape”.


“This book is an antidote for a potential amnesia. I often think of the possibility of one day losing my memory. In that moment I open my wallet in which I store papers, images, cards, various messages; I go through my notepads, books, my photo albums. I find a drawing of a house, the inside and the outside. In the daily log that I write, the ruins of a house appear between the lines: “a house is the ruins of a house” (Manuel António Pina). And I think that there will always be a point to return to in the stories I invent for them.”


Photography and Text_ Diogo Martins

Concept and editing_ Nuno Leão

Design and pagination_ Cátia Santos

Production and edition_ Terceira Pessoa Associação

Support for editing_ Layer – Limites e Sombreado Unipessoal


JULY 18, 2015

Book Release

Castelo Branco / Antigo Edifício dos CTT