QR CODE is a multimedia performance installation that explores the creative potential of Quick Response codes. The graphical display of these two-dimensional barcodes, in conjunction with other artistic languages, is used to investigate Marshall McLuhan’s concept of ‘Media as Extensions’, which sees communication media as extensions of the human faculties. The installation space becomes a site where global reality is brought into the here and now and can be manipulated.


The work is composed of different media – performance, video, audio, installation – that act as polyphonic elements in the physical space, testing the limits of communication and the possibilities of information. By moving between two spaces with distinct settings and rhythms – the internal space of the gallery and the external space of the roads in each location – an immersive and reflexive relationship arises from the tension between physical and virtual experience.


QR CODE is a rhizomatic installation, a web of multiple connections between objects, organisms and hybrid experiences.


Collective devising_ Ana Gil, Márcia Lança, Maria Leonardo Cabrita, Nuno Leão, Óscar Silva, Rui Dias, Tiago Moura

Book collaboration_ Apolo de Carvalho, Diogo Martins, João Pedro Azul, Leonor Teles, Manuel Bogalheiro, Ostraliana, Patrícia Lino, Pedro Eiras, Ricardo M., Rui Dias Monteiro, Sónia Baptista

Support for technical assembly_ Pedro Fonseca

Support for multimedia programming_ Carlos Diogo

Communication design_ Cátia Santos

Photography_ Alípio Padilha, Maria Leonardo Cabrita, Nuno Leão, Tiago Moura

Executive production_ Bruno Esteves

Production_ Terceira Pessoa

Funding_ Direção-Geral das Artes / República Portuguesa – Cultura

Creative residence_ Fábrica da Criatividade Castelo Branco

Support_ Festival Temps d’Images, Rua das Gaivotas 6, Um Coletivo, LAMA Teatro, Fábrica da Criatividade Castelo Branco / Câmara Municipal de Castelo Branco

Acknowledgment_ Teatromosca, ESART – Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas Castelo Branco / IPCB



25 to 29 October 2021

Absolute premiere Festival Temps D'Images

Rua das Gaivotas 6, Lisboa

5 to 19 November 2021

Exhibition Elvas

Sociedade Instrução e Recreio, Elvas

10 to 17 December 2021

Exhibition Faro

LAMA Teatro, Faro