TEKNÉ is a work of theatre in which the final show is sought via its technical set-up and preparation. Taking as its starting point the world imagined in Thomas Bernhard’s ‘Der Theatermacher’, the show lays bare the experience of making theatre, where the process of bringing together the elements of the scene – lighting, props, script, sound, costumes, direction, performance – becomes itself the object of dialogue between the theatre-makers.


Technician 1: “What has any of this here got to do with the fire and the subplot with the couple?”

Technician 2: “This looks more like a technical rider being set up.

This, in a nutshell, is it.”


TEKNÉ is a work of theatre in which a company does the set-up for a show titled “O Bananal”.


A piece by Ana Gil, Nuno Leão, Óscar Silva with Ana Gil, Nuno Leão, Óscar Silva, pedro fonseca, Rui M. Silva, Vera Kalantrupmann

Dramaturgy and Text_ Ricardo B. Marques

Light design_ pedro fonseca/colectivo, ac

sound design_ miguel garcia / colectivo, ac

Set design_ criação coletiva

Stills and video documentary_ Maria Leonardo Cabrita, Tiago Moura

Executive production_ Bruno Esteves

Production_ Terceira Pessoa

Funding_ Direção-Geral das Artes / República Portuguesa-Cultura, Câmara Municipal de Castelo Branco, Teatro Municipal da Guarda, Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras

Artistic residence_ Fábrica da Criatividade de Castelo Branco



January to April 2021

Creative Residence

Fábrica da Criatividade, Castelo Branco

29 to 30 April 2021


Cine-Teatro Avenida, Castelo Branco

14 May 2021


Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras

22 January 2022


Oficina Municipal de Teatro, Coimbra

9 de February 2022


Teatro Municipal da Guarda